Brass-A-Holics Close Out April Foolery with Style – Brass-A-Holics

Brass-A-Holics Close Out April Foolery with Style

Posted On:05.02.2016

NEW ORLEANS, LA- The Brass-A-Holics Go-Go Brass Funk band’s “April Foolery” concert series, at the Blue Nile, concluded on April 18th with trombonist Winston Turner leading the band and show attendees in a jubilant march to the band’s staging area. While there, band members signed Cds, posed for photo ops, and engaged the already riveted crowd. To say the Brass-A-Holics saved the best for last would be the understatement of 2016. April Foolery closed with the band in the midst of the Brass-A-Holic Nation caroling “Walking on Sunshine,” as the curtains closed on the April concert series.

The Brass-A-Holics ignited the famous Frenchmen Street scene, with a concert series all about clowning around, while delighting the ears of both tourist and locals. Show guest were treated to original compositions and spirited renditions of Stevie Wonder’s“Superstitious,” Crystal Water’s “Gypsy Woman,” and The Bangles “Walk Like an Egyptian” infused with the Brass-A-Holics Go-Go Brass Funk sound. Another feature of the series was the specially crafted “April Foolery” bead, designed for the concert series and handed out in limited numbers.

The three-week concert series began with the release of the Brass-A-Holics “April Foolery” video, featuring a cover of Galactic’s “Heart of Steel.” The last Monday show was the best of the series, from dramatic solos to Brass-A-Holics leaping from the stage to the waiting crowd, the close out the show was epic.

Sandwiched between French Quarter Fest and New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival “April Foolery” provided guest an added look at the Go-Go Funk originators on a usually slow night. Despite the usual prospects, “April Foolery” closed with a packed dance floor and overwhelming applause from the crowd.