Song premiere: ‘Alien Love Factory’ – Brass-A-Holics

Song premiere: ‘Alien Love Factory’

The first single from ‘I Am A Brass-A-Holic’ brings Irvin Mayfield into the band’s go-go brass funk revelry.

The fusion of two distinct regional sounds, New Orleans brass bands and Washington, D.C.’s go-go, gave birth to the subgenre of go-go brass funk, pioneered and perfected by Brass-A-Holics, founded in 2010 by trombonist Winston Turner.

The New Orleans musician, formerly with the Pinstripes Brass Band and the Soul Rebels Brass Band, formed the eight-member ensemble with brass elements (trombone, trumpet, sax, sousaphone) plus a drum set, percussion, keyboard and guitar, with hopes of bridging genres and generations to connect Chuck Brown, Miles Davis, Nirvana, Kanye West, Wham! and Louis Armstrong.

For its I Am A Brass-A-Holic album, out Oct. 29, the band enlisted Irvin Mayfield as producer. He’s also featured on this first single, Alien Love Factory.

This article was originally written by Edna Gundersen and appeared on USA Today.