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Sweaty Roaches on the Bus

Posted On:02.10.2016
 It was a nice 98 degree day in New Orleans and we’re loading up the bus to go on a 3 day trip to Indiana University and then Columbus, Ohio to play the Columbus Jazz & Rib Festival. We took off and all was going as usual. Our manager Flot was driving, Winston was annoying Flot being the passenger seat driver he is, Robin made himself comfortable by stretching out on the queen sized bed before anyone else could, and everyone else kicked back and watched a movie. If I remember correctly, it was Beat Street that we were watching….CLASSIC!

At some point in the middle of nowhere, we hear some temporary knocking in the engine. After about 10 seconds it stopped. We all kinda looked at each other like “this can’t be happening” but once it stopped we had a slight sense of relief. About 30 minutes later it was as hot on the bus as it was outside.

Everyone was sweating. We stopped and popped the hood only to realize a belt had been broken. This particular belt was needed to make the AC run properly. Keep in mind here that we’re only about 500 miles into a 2,100 mile journey and it’s over 100 degrees on the bus now. We opened up all of the windows, even tried plugging in Reggie’s fan (because, ya know, drummers need air on stage, SMH) but the heat was overwhelming and everyone was in a bad mood at this point. And then the un-thinkable happened. Dwayne yells, “Oh, hell no! There’s a roach on the bus”. Flot swerved in a slight panic because he is terrified of roaches, but don’t tell anyone. So, now it’s hot and we have roaches. And, yes, we’re still on the way to our first show on the trip. We bought some Raid and it seemed to serve as our air freshener for the remaining 3 days. We overcame the roaches, but the heat was a different story.

On a good note, once we made it to the Columbus Jazz & Rib Festival we were greeted by some fans with our BAH Nation shirts on. That was pretty cool. Our performance was a killer set in front of well over 10,000 people, and we even sold out of our merchandise. SanbornThe icing on the cake was being able to meet legendary saxophonist, David Sanborn. Yea, we opened up for that guy! He enjoyed our set, we snapped a group pic for the “gram” and headed back to the hotel after watching some of his show.

The icing on the cake was being able to meet and open up for legendary saxophonist, David Sanborn.

We decided not to spend the night in Columbus and that driving with the windows down through the night time was the smartest thing to do on a bus with no AC. Everyone slept as much as they could on our way home. We made it back to NOLA at about 11am in the morning heat and it seemed like the band started to get off of the bus before it came to a stop.Columbus Jazz & Rib

It was the end of a rough journey. Anything to put on a great show. Anything for the BAH Nation!


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